Frank Chacksfield

Frank ChacksfieldFrank Chacksfield was selected as the first Music Director to oversee the initial production of the Starborne music library.  Frank was born Francis Charles Chacksfield at Battle, East Sussex on May 9, 1914.  Frank passed on June 9, 1995 at age 81.

Chacksfield began his music career as a pianist and organist  and by the late 1930’s organized a small band, joined the Royal Corp of Signals during World War II and went on late in the war to arrange music for the Stars in Battledress.

Following the war Frank became associated with the BBC as an arranger, conductor and began recording under his own name in 1951.  He began a long professional association with Decca Records in 1953 which lasted until 1991.

In 1979 Frank supervised the first of music produced by Starborne and continued to do so through the middle 1980’s.

Franks style and attention to music detail became associated with the entertainment heard on hundreds of light orchestral “Easy Listening” radio stations located around the world.