Redesigned Web Site!


You have found the new design of the Disc-Location and Starborne Productions web site.  In this dynamic digital world there is a need to respond to the trends and demands of a quickly changing entertainment landscape.  This is our most current effort for the fans of “Easy Listening” music.

You will find that all of the Starborne releases made since 2007 to be available on Compact Disc as well as in MP3 and WAV formats.  There has been a pause in the releases of Starborne recordings in order to improve our internet presence.  New Starborne releases will resume soon.

Also in very short order will be a 21st Century rebirth of the original Disc-Location concept.  Beginning with the recordings of Surrey House,  this Starborne site will offer quality downloads in MP3 and WAV formats of a growing list of traditional “Easy Listening”. 

As Disc-location was the original “one stop shop” for fans of “Easy Listening”, you will find returning to this site on a continuing basis will reward you with a constantly growing selection of the music you enjoy.  Keeping up with what’s new from Starborne will be easy.  We will be joining social networks that will keep you informed of the new recordings available here.

Starborne is pleased to give special mention of our web master, Joe Perri.  His effort to bring you the new Starborne Productions has been long, steady and outstanding.  We do encourage you to contact Joe for site development you may need through

Thank you to all of the long-time friends and customers of Disc-Location and Starborne Productions!

Jim and Linda Schlichting


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